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So you’ve ordered your wedding album?  CONGRATS!  Choosing the best photos from your wedding can be a daunting task with the large number of photos you have to go through. I hate to admit it but as a wedding photographer, it does my heart good to know you are struggling to decide what images make the final cut.  It means I did my job well!  Because I have just relished in your plight, here are some tips to help you select the best photos for your wedding album!

Start with a fresh mind

It’s essential to take a small break from viewing your photos to refresh your mind. You can then come back to them with a fresh perspective and select the best ones.

Organize your photos

Organizing your photos by different categories can make the selection process easier.  If you are an Ashley Nicole client, your gallery has already been organized for your convenience so let it work for you!  Set the number of images you want to include from each section. Now select the best from the first section and don’t move on to the next until you’ve completely narrowed the images down to meet your category goal.

View Your Selections In its Own Gallery

Once you’ve selected all the images that you want in your album, you can view them all together right from your gallery to make sure they tell the story of your day.  If you are an Ashley Nicoloe client, your gallery comes equipped with a feature allowing you to view your favorites as if they were the only images in your gallery.  Check it out below!

  1. Once you have selected your images and put them in a favorites folder in your gallery, you will see a green circle at the top of your gallery indicating you have favorites selected.  Clicking that favorites button at the top will load your favorites for you.

    screenshot of a wedding gallery

  2. Here is what you will see once you are in the favorites portion of your gallery:screenshot of a wedding gallery
  3. Clicking on the photo will open favorites in gallery form for your to review! wedding gallery screenshot

Choose Photos that tell a Story

Look for photos that capture the emotions, mood, and moments of your wedding day. Choose photos that tell a story and evoke the emotions you had on your day.

Start With The Sneak Peeks

Consider the sneaks I’ve provided in your gallery as a guideline on what to pick for your album.  My sneaks are curated to provide you with a high-level view of your wedding day so they really are the perfect place to begin when making your selections.

Avoid Duplicates

Avoid choosing too many photos from the same moment or that are similar. Instead, select one or two of the best ones that capture that particular moment perfectly.  For example, one photo of you walking down the aisle is sufficient, three or four of the same moment can cause your album to be redundant and hinder its storytelling ability.

Give Your Photographer Creative Control

If you are choosing photos and feel overwhelmed, allowing me to choose the images for your album takes the stress out of the process.

Ask for opinions

Consider asking for opinions from others. Ask a friend, a colleague, or me, your professional photographer for feedback.

Remember that the selection process is completely subjective, so trust your instincts, take your time, and enjoy the process of selecting the best photos from your wedding.


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