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Brionna & Jeremy had a beautiful modern Atlanta wedding at The Carlyle.  Their incorporation of contemporary decor and a neutral color palette helped achieve their modern aesthetic.


Meeting romantic partners through Tinder, a popular dating app, has become increasingly common in recent years. Despite initial stigmas surrounding online dating, many people have had successful and fulfilling relationships that started through the app. It’s a testament to the power of technology in bringing people together and facilitating connections that may not have otherwise been possible.  Brionna & Jeremy met on Tinder in March of 2018 when they both swiped right.


What a magical and unforgettable moment to have gotten engaged in front of the famous Geothermal Geyser in Iceland during their yearly trip. Iceland’s stunning natural beauty and unique landscapes are perfect for creating lasting memories, and this proposal is certainly one to remember. It’s the start of an exciting new chapter in their lives, and the beginning of a journey toward a lifelong partnership.


It’s heartwarming to see that these two were able to turn their initial connection on Tinder into a lasting relationship, culminating in the wedding of their dreams at The Carlyle Venue in Atlanta. The venue’s elegant and modern ambiance provided a beautiful backdrop for their special day. These two are a reminder that love can flourish in many ways, and that with dedication and commitment, even a chance online encounter can lead to a lifelong partnership.

It was great to see that Brionna and Jeremy added special touches to their wedding day to make it extra special!  See some of those touches below!

  1.  They had no wedding party which provided for more time to capture portraits of the couple.
  2.  Brionna & Jeremy chose to write their vows to each other but keep that emotional moment personal by reading them to each other in private after the ceremony.
  3. Instead of the First Dance occuring once they were announced into the reception, they chose to begin their First Dance before the reception began and dance with each other as their guests entered the reception and found their tables/seats.


White, Rita Vinieris wedding gown

diamond engagement ring, vow book and chanel perfume

chanel perfume, garter and wedding vow book

black bride in white robe writing her wedding vows

bride getting ready with hairstylist and mom

brides mom helping her get in her wedding gown bride spraying perfume before wedding

groom getting dressed before wedding groomsman putting grooms tie on groom laughing while writing wedding vows

Fun Fact: Brionna & Jeremy wanted to do a First Touch instead of a First Look before their ceremony.  A First Touch is when the Bride & Groom meet up before the ceremony not to see each other but to hold hands, pray and or talk to each other to calm nerves.  The First Touch these two experienced had such a sweet spin to it.  Brionna walked up behind a seated Jeremy and got to hug and pray with him.  Jeremy clearly enjoyed the tender moment before as he clearly seemed to take in the moment with his bride-to-be.

bride and groom hugging bride kissing groom's forehead

Photographer Hack:  Now one of the many perks of having a First Look is that the couple get to take pictures before the cermeony while attire, hair & makeup is crisp and fresh.  Once I took a look at the timeline, I knew I needed to use the time to grab some additional portraits for the couple to make sure the rest of the day ran smoothly.  I accomplished this by making sure whatever pose I did with the couple would ensure the Groom didnt lay eyes on the Bride.  Scroll down to see how I did!

african american bride & groom standing next to each other

mother of groom seeing groom and crying mother of groom seeing groom and crying

bride and groom walking down the aisle

groom emotional seeing bride walk down the aisle bride and groom exchanging vows bride and groom pouring unity sand bride and groom praying and first kiss bride and groom walking down the aisle

bride and groom and wedding rings african american bride in white wedding dress in front of floral backdrop african american bride in white wedding gown holding bouquet

groom smiling leaning on wall

black bride holding bouquet groom leaning aganist a wall

bride standing next to groom black bride and groom standing next to each other groom looking at his bride lovingly

reception decor with black dance floor wedding reception decor with white flowers and candles wedding reception decor with white flowers and candles

bride crying saying vows to groom bride and groom crying & hugging black bride and groom first dance bride and groom first dance at wedding bride and groom first dance at wedding groom dancing with mom bride dancing with dad bride and groom dancing at receptionbride and groom dancing at wedding reception  garter and bouquet toss bride and groom sparkler exit at wedding

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