The Bride’s Guide to Wedding Planning During The Coronavirus Pandemic


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Unfortunately, this is really happening.  The Coronavirus aka COVID-19, is officially a Pandemic and its stressing out 2020 Bride’s!  In this midst of the run-of-the-mill planning stress, Brides are now being faced with the tough reality that their Wedding may not take place on the day they originally planned.

If you are a 2020 Bride, you may be faced with the reality of having to reschedule your wedding or your wedding date isn’t threatened, but you are still heavily in the midst of planning right now, these tips will help take the guesswork out of this uncharted territory.


Take A Breath

This is alot to digest.  Take a moment to feel everything you need to feel and then, breathe.  Every emotion you feel right now is valid and you have a right to feel the way you do. It’s ok to be upset.  You have spent months planning and putting your energy, time & money into one of the most important days of your life.   Give grief its place, however don’t stay there, because there is a light at the end of the tunnel.


Postpone, Don’t Cancel

You are heavily weighing your options.  No bride WANTS to change her wedding date, but this circumstance is one that can’t be controlled.  You’ve planned and planned, don’t let a temporary frustration keep you from relishing in the moment you have dreamed of and worked hard for.  Financially speaking, it makes the most sense to postpone so you don’t loose all your deposits. Many times those funds you’ve already paid can be applied to a new date.

Talk to ALL Your Vendors 

Once you decide to postpone your big day, contact your vendors ASAP!  Create a list of a few open dates from each of them then decide based on your needs & their availability, what your new date will be.  Many wedding vendors are trying to be as flexible as possible during this time as we know the stress you and your families are under and do not want to add to it.  Every vendor matters and can impact your day.  For instance, if you blocked a certain number of rooms off for guests at hotels local to your venue, those hotels need to know about the date change to reserve a new room block.  They could potentially roll those reservations over to the new date or release those guests from their reservations should they no longer be able to attend.

Notify Your Guests

They may have already made travel arrangements, booked hotel rooms, etc.  Every guest that you have invited should be notified of the changes you are making to your wedding date.  How should you notify them?  You could send out new invitations, new save the dates, mail letters or postcards, update your wedding website, personally call each guest, email them, anything goes at this point as long as its effective.

Pro Tip:  With regards to Wedding Invitations, if you choose not to order a brand new set of invitations, I’d suggest contacting your Invitation Vendor to see what their minimum order is and ordering that amount.  This way you have invitations with the correct date on them and they can be included in your Wedding Detail photos on your new big day.  Besides, I’m sure you and your parents want a copy to keep and pass down.


Shop Early

Ladies, we know that Wedding Gowns, Bridesmaid Dresses, Invitations and other wedding related items can take an incredibly long time to arrive depending on the amount of detail and work that is required to create them.  Add in the fact that a lot of these items come from Asia & Europe, areas already hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, one can only imagine the lag time from ordering to receipt or flat out unavailability of these essentials.  Order these items ASAP to prevent any issues with delivery, alterations etc.


Wedding Insurance Anyone?

While the COVID-19 pandemic may not have been covered had you purchased insurance, MANY other potential harmful events would have been.  One ordeal like this is enough for a Bride to handle, can you image another? Purchase Wedding Insurance now to protect the investment you are making and give you peace of mind going forward.  Policies range anywhere from $150 -$700, depending on the amount of coverage your event needs.  A small investment for a pretty big sigh of relief.

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Book Your Vendors ASAP

If your wedding is not during the months expected to be heavily effected by COVID-19, its best to book all your vendors ASAP.  You are now faced with the possibility of not being able to secure the vendors you want because their current Brides are pushing their weddings back, potentially booking their new wedding date on your actual wedding date. If there are vendors that you absolutely want for your big day, reach out to them and book them right away.


Lets Talk Honeymoons & Destination Weddings

You’ll want to stay up to date with the latest travel advisories when picking your Honeymoon or Destination Wedding location.  Click HERE to view up to date information on the CDC’s travel recommendations for each country.  Also, consider purchasing a travel insurance policy to protect you in the event the travel situation changes.


I hope these tips help you find guidance and release a little stress during such an uncertain time!


Where To Go To Stay Updated About The Coronavirus:

CDC Coronavirus Site – includes disease, event & travel information/recommendations

White House Coronavirus Guidelines– printable pdf

Visit your State’s Department of Public Health Website for local COVID-19 information


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