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Wedding Planning can be stressful!  It’s one of the best times of your life but it can also quickly become overwhelming unless you’ve got some hacks to help you along the way!  Check out my tried & true Wedding Planning hacks below!

Get A Wedding Email Address

Us Vendors love to email you.  It’s our preferred way of communicating details, proposals, and recommendations, etc.  To prevent you from losing emails or accidentally deleting pertinent information, create an email account for your wedding planning.  This way, any and all wedding correspondence is in one easily searchable place!

Book Your Makeup Trial the Same Day as Your Engagement or Bridal Session

Why waste a freshly beat face?  Since your Photographer is one of the first vendors you book, your engagement session can be scheduled pretty early.  Once your session is on the books, go ahead and book your Makeup Trial with your Makeup Artist for that same day.  By doing this,  you can ensure you look flawless for your Engagement or Bridal Session and you can truly test out the longevity of your makeup.  WIN-WIN!

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Pick Vendors You Like

This one is a no-brainer.  You have to like the vendors that will be working to make your wedding the day of your dreams.  Building a team of professionals that you don’t get along with or like personally won’t do much to reduce your stress.  Make sure you pay attention to the personalities of each vendor during their interview process.  If you get a bad vibe from them, your personalities don’t match or you see any red flags, that’s your cue to exit stage left.  Positive energy, creativity & mutual respect are all you want to flow during this time.

Hire A Wedding Planner

Not much to say here but, just do it!  This the sure-fire way to have a stress-free planning process.  Your Planner will listen to your vision & coordinate with your vendors to make sure it comes to life!!  They are literally worth their weight in gold!

Join a Facebook Group for your Venue

This tip is mainly for my Destination Brides.  There are tons of groups on Facebook that provide so much helpful information!  Why not search for a group specifically for Brides who have gotten married at your venue or are getting married there?  Who better to trade secrets and reviews with?  Especially since you won’t physically see your venue until you step off that plane. They can advise on what they experienced and even offer advice on working with your venue.  Trust me, a lot of gems get dropped in these groups!!

Formulate A Plan of Attack

Diving headfirst into Wedding Planning is not recommended.  While there is no true order you should take when planning your wedding, there are tried and true steps you should follow to make the process simpler and easier on your stress level.  I wrote a whole blog post on the 5 things you should do first once you get engaged.  Check it out HERE!


Now that you’ve got some help to make the planning process smoother, you should be well on your way to being one relaxed, and carefree Bride!

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