8 Confessions of a Wedding Photographer


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Wedding Photographer

I Do A Little Dance When You Book Me

Seriously I do.  At the point where you decide to book me, we’ve talked, I’ve gotten to know your and your Fiancé, I’ve helped you get to know me, my photography style/philosophy and I am excited to get to know you more and capture your Wedding Day.  When you let me know you are ready to book, I get REALLY excited that the feeling is mutual.


I Will Cry At Your Wedding

It’s guaranteed.  I’ve cried at each wedding I’ve shot.  Why wouldn’t I?  To see two people who I have gotten to know exchange vows and potentially throw cake?  It’s all so emotional for you as well as me!


Your Timeline Is Very Important To Me

Like REALLY IMPORTANT.  The timeline is KING!  This is what determines how much time I get with you to create your first family heirlooms.  I provide my you with a pretty thorough sample timelines and work with the Wedding Planner to ensure the timeline will suit your needs with regards to photography.  I don’t mind spending lots of time perfecting this before the Wedding and I try extremely hard to stick to it on Wedding Day. (Also, Wedding Planners? They LOVE me for this LOL)

Wedding Photographer

I Secretly Hope You Book Vendors I Love

Wedding Days involve so many different vendors and teams to create the magic you expect.  While I LOVE meeting new vendors, seeing a familiar face, whose work I know is AMAZING, and I  work well with is the icing on the cake!


I Will Pray For Your Marriage

The Wedding is fun and emotional, but the Marriage is most important.  I genuinely pray that my Brides & Grooms have healthy, loving, fruitful & prosperous marriages!


I Cringe When You Don’t Use A Good Printing Lab To Print Your Images

I get so excited that you want to use your images to decorate your Wedding Venue, Home, Bridal Shower etc.  I want you to display the best quality of the moments I’ve captured for you but I admit it…I’m a little deflated when I see your beautiful memories printed by a less than stellar printing lab.  You can always print your images through my Professional Lab, but definitely heed my recommendation when printing your images should you choose to print them on your own.  A beautiful portrait can be ruined by a bad print job.  Trust me, you do not want a bad print on display in your home, office or at your Wedding.

Wedding Photographer

I Get Butterflies When I Send Your Gallery, Prints & Albums

This is the best and worst time for me! HA!  I’m always so excited to hit the send button on your gallery or mail off your Albums! I am also subconsciously sitting on pins and needles waiting on your, “I LOVE THEM” response.  Do my blood pressure a favor please, don’t make me wait long LOL!


I Really Care About You

*cue the sappy music*  This may be a given but I really do.  I value your time, ideas, wants and needs.  I don’t take my role in the history of your life lightly at all.  It’s cheesy but “You’ve got a friend in me” *insert wink*

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