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A Wedding Planner is one on a Bride’s most important & trusted resource during the planning and execution of her Wedding Day.  Finding the perfect Planner may seem like a daunting task but I’m making it a little easier for you with my latest Vendor Spotlight…KEEP READING!

Ashley Clark, owner of ADM Events, and I met on the campus of Georgia State University!  We are both members of The International Business Fraternity of Delta Sigma Pi.  It was through that organization that I learned just how professional, sweet and polished Ashley really is.  I’m always in awe! (Plus she’s gorgeous so that helps LOL!) She never speaks loudly but when she does, she commands your attention ever so gracefully. And her talent?  It’s incredible! I just love her!

Interested in finding out more about Ashley, her expertise & love of Weddings?  Keep reading below!

Q:  Tell me a little about yourself?  Where are you from? Hobbies? Family life? Pet Peeves?
A:  I am originally from Warner Robins, GA but I have lived in Atlanta since 2003. I LOVE professional football and my favorite team is and will always be the Atlanta Falcons. After graduating from Georgia State University, I worked for the Atlanta Falcons for a few years, which was a dream come true! In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends over great food and great drinks. My biggest pet peeve is when people can’t put their phone down to be in the moment. Unless it is an emergency, I am a firm believer in disconnecting to enjoy time with those around you.

Q:  What made you decide to become an Event Planner?
A:  I knew when I was a teenager I wanted to own my own business and I have enjoyed planning events since high school. I am a very detail-oriented person and while I enjoy the beauty of weddings and events, I am a firm believer in creating logistically sound events as the flow of the event is one of the top things people will remember. In 2010, I decided to start my business as I was asked by a friend to plan her wedding.

Q:  Why is it important to hire a Wedding Planner for your Wedding?
A:  It is important to hire a Wedding Planner for your wedding for their expertise in working with and communicating with vendors. Your Wedding Planner knows your vision for your special day and will direct you to the vendors who will compliment your vision with their services. While any couple can use the internet and referrals from friends to find vendors, a Wedding Planner serves as your trusted adviser to ensure your wedding day is seamless in appearance and flow.

Q:  Can you offer any advice to engaged couples looking for a Wedding Planner? Any particular questions they should ask?
A:  When looking for a Wedding Planner it is important to make sure your personalities and communication style mesh and you trust your Planner. A few questions to ask a potential Wedding Planner…

– What services do you offer? It is important the couple clearly understands the services that are or are not included in their selected package.
– What is your wedding planning process? Couples should understand how the planner communicates and their process for managing the wedding planning timeline.
– How do they handle unexpected issues that may arise? Unfortunately, more times than not
unexpected issues or surprises arise during the planning process or even on the wedding day so it is important to know your planner is quick on their feet in handling the unexpected.

Q:  When should a Wedding Planner be hired?
A:  Ideally a couple should hire a Wedding Planner when they are ready to start selecting a venue. A lot of couples select venues based on date availability and/or appearance but often overlook important details that are critical in bringing their vision to life. Having your planner involved from the beginning ensures no details are missed before contracts are signed and deposits are made.

Q:  How long have you been an Event Planner?
A:  I have been planning events for over 10 years and planning weddings since 2011 when I started my business.

Q:  What’s the best part about working with Brides & Grooms?
A:  The best part about working with Brides and Grooms is knowing you played a role in the start of their marriage and creating memorable experiences they will cherish for a lifetime.

Q:  What is your favorite wedding detail you’ve seen thus far?
A:  My favorite wedding detail I’ve seen thus far are unique place card displays.

Q:  Any Wedding trends you wish would go away?
A:  I wish overly themed weddings would go away. I am all for incorporating unique elements into a wedding that are special to the couple or showcase their personality but your wedding day shouldn’t resemble a child’s birthday party with overt nods to your favorite movie, sports team or era in history.

Q:  Describe your favorite style of weddings?  Romantic? Fun? Traditional or Non-Traditional? Large or Intimate?
A:  My favorite style of wedding is all of the above! I enjoy planning weddings that are a true
expression of the love shared by my couples while being fun and memorable. Whether they are traditional or not, large or intimate, I enjoy planning them all.

Q:  How do you ensure your clients will have the best wedding planning experience & wedding day?
A:  I ensure my clients have the best wedding planning experience and wedding day by using software and tools that allow us to stay in close communication throughout each phase of the planning process, review every detail to ensure nothing is missed and ensure their special day is executed flawlessly.

Interested in reaching Ashley to have her plan your next event or upcoming big day?  Check out her website

You can also check her out on social media:




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